Post number ONE! A blog is born….

Hello….and welcome to my blog page.

This is my very first post, so it makes sense to introduce myself and sort of “set the scene” for what will hopefully be a useful, helpful and interesting page for those who read it…..and for me too.

My intention for this blog was two fold, firstly to give information to anyone interested about Systemic Scleroderma, a reasonably rare autoimmune disease, one I’ve been diagnosed with for 2 years now.  Raising awareness about scleroderma will hopefully lead to increased funding so more research can go ahead hopefully leading to a cure one day.  To those reading this who have scleroderma, I’m hoping to share my experience of the disease from the framework of my life here in New Zealand, as a Mum, wife, and (now retired) counsellor/therapist.  I know I like to read how others around the world experience scleroderma, and so I’m hoping to add my small input as well.  Secondly, I have found my life has changed dramatically since diagnosis, and to be honest, have been struggling to cope at times.  You see, I’ve always been a bit of a “shaker and mover”, working hard to achieve goals I set myself, starting new projects and learning new skills, from my professional life as a therapist, to exercising and keeping well, being a full on Mum to three boys right down to managing my housework and running my home.  Since becoming sick I’ve lost a great deal physically, mentally and emotionally,  with fatigue and pain slowing me right down, so that these days I conduct my life from a recliner chair in the corner of our lounge.  The idea of writing a blog seemed appealing and helpful in terms of being able to contribute at least something, and so here we are… from my recliner!

My plan is to write as I can, about anything that happens to be happening, hopefully providing some entertainment, information, a few “deep musings” about the meaning of life, and with any luck, a few laughs!  So watch this space, and I hope I can offer something to someone through my posts.

Oh yeah…for those interested here’s a link to some info about Scleroderma:


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